Experience You Can Count On

If you need someone to come in and help you keep your bookkeeping on track, or if you need more in-depth help with organization, processes and analysis, I am here to help.

I believe that every organization needs to have a passionate, experienced professional taking care of the financial well-being of the company or the business will not thrive.

I started my education in engineering, but soon realized that I was passionate about business.   After I graduated UNH with a BS in Business and a minor in MIS.  I worked over a decade in a large corporation learning different aspects of business accounting, payroll, HR, purchasing, project control, networking and contracts.  I learned how each department fed another and how being organized was a key to success.  From there, I worked with small organizations and non-profits.  I learned that every penny counts and without processes and a solid knowledge of business the company would suffer.  I enjoy helping people with their accounting so they can focus on their passion.